Welcome to ScholarHall! – The peer to peer learning network

What is Scholarhall?

Scholarhall is a social collaborative website that allows for students to enter a group of their classmates to discuss their work and enhance their learning potential. Students will be able to create groups, join groups, share and edit work on those groups, and discuss any questions or problems they have.

Scholarhall puts a digital edge on learning, expanding the social potential of students from a campus sized network, to a global one. Students can join groups of other students from all over the world and connect in with others to build a strong and reliable network of peers not limited to the size of their classes.

Scholarhall is your online collaboration and learning environment, plain and simple! There is nothing quite like us out there and we are proud to help and expand the learning potential of students all over the world.

What can you do with ScholarHall?

  • Find your classmates before you even enter the lecture hall.
  • Join learning groups with your classmates or other students around the world
  • Collaborate and work together in private groups ideal for group projects
  • Register yourself as a searchable tutor or find the tutor that is right for you 
  • Create a private group and accept only the members you choose(i.e. you can request payment upon entry to be done privately)
  • Share documents, resources and questions within your group to make sure you’re never stuck on work and you’re on the same page as your classmates
  • Search our extensive repository of documents and articles to find what resources will help you in your studies
  • Reach out to any student from around the world for help or to expand your connections.
  • Take the lead and create a group that your peers use and make money in the same way as you would through YouTube! – find out more

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